Fishin Frank's
 Bait & Tackle   Charlotte Harbor Fl. 33980  {This aint no Boutique}



Fishin Franks Bait & Tackle     941-625-3888
4200 unit P  Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte 33952

           we are open 
    Mon - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thurs - 6:30 am to 6:pm
    Friday & Saturday 6:30 to 7:pm     
    Sun - 6:30 to 6:pm

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Fishin Franks Pirate Crew, of Bait Bandits

   Tues & Wed           Robert - Thurs - Mon   



   Christina - Thurs- Mon            

Steve P. - Sun & Tues             Heather P .- Tues, Thurs, Fri.



Jeff - Saturday        John- Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon.




     John O.  - Rod repair guy, Tuesday & Wed    


    Karlie - Sat - Sun and special occasions


Fishin Frank and The Big Boss "T" Terry


As I get Pictures of Pirates working here I will Post them with the days they are here.


Luigi's fish Club meetings, on the 3rd Thursday of each month,
6:30 pm to 8:pm. for seating call Reserve seating.
The room only holds 50- people


Call 941-625-3888 for reservations

  It would be hard to picture life without fishing.
 People who do not fish do not understand the
therapeutic value of fishing, losing yourself to
 the motion of the waves and just relaxing.
The best things about fishing is where you do it,
 and that you do not carry a score card.


Since 1984 when I first walked through the door here at Fishin Franks,
I found the people / customers to be the best part of this job,
and all these decades later that is still true. You all are the best part of the day.
are we perfect? do I always say or do the right thing? Dose everyonce, in a while will a new employee
give the wrong advice? Of course. but as a rule 90 something percent of the people/customers find we do our best
to take care of them. 9 out of 10 aint bad. would I like to be better and the store to be perfect sure, But that anit resonable.
we do the best we can with the flawed real type people we have. I hope for you it works.  Fishin tips

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives so many years
Fishin Frank




     The Letter   This is a thank you letter we received with no return address or name, To whom ever you are,  thank you,       

Yes it is still Fishin Franks, and Yes I still own it,
No I do not have a Partner. No I did not sell out.
No I am not going to sell, unless someone offers really, really, really a lot.











The truck a 4 door nissan 1/2 ton  went 181 feet hit and flew another 40 and

smashed down through the roof of the store

​​​Thank you for reading The

Old store before the fire



 This aint no Boutique.
      This is a Fishin store.

   We have all the Sights, sounds, and smells
       of a real honest to god, Fishin Store!  

    35+ years of helping people,
        find and catch fish.  

Fish I.D.                  fishin tips   

     This is the best place, you'll ever find to ask questions, What can I catch with this, How does this work?    
    More fishing info than ever thought possible, with the main fishin report page and the Radio fishin shows,
and the fishin franks blog, Just so much info. And as the say so many fish and so little time     is my E-mail       
    The most important question is the one you ask.
We have the Tackle for Bass, Snook, Redfish, Shark, Crappie, Triple tail,    

  Grouper, Blue gill, Sailfish, Snappers, Gar, You get the idea,
Fresh water, Saltwater, Inshore / offshore, Or from the bank, We can help,
Live Bait
 Night crawler,

  frozen bait.
 Shrimp, Mullet,
 Sardines, Crabs,
 Rigged bally,
 Sand- fleas,
 Clams, Shiners,
 Crab Bait,
Lady-fish,  Bonita,  finger-mullet,  green backs,  Cigar-minnows.

Fresh water is not forgotten at Fishin Franks, Big Bass, blue gills, shell crackers
Crappie, what ever is your favorite we have the supplies for you.
For all you Cat-fish guys we have a cat fishing section with dough baits,
soft baits, dough bait hooks.



older store, before that, same location


Still, Even older, same place 1985