Ponce De leon Park


Fishin Frank & Robert   01/06/18-------A lot of snapper and sheep head,

Fishin Frank & Robert   01/15/18------Lots of snapper and some sheep head and a ton
of small Snook - Some smaller black drum by the mirrors

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   01/19/18------ Nice sheep head and small snapper
Black drum in the 5 to 10 pound range maybe smaller. but tasty.   

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   01/27/18------ they just drege this canal so it willl be a wekk or so for the fishing
to pick up.


Fishin Frank & Robert   01/10/17------- Ok Snappers and some nicer sheep head and black drum
from tiny to 25 pounds and the Snook are there but really too cold to get them to bite.

Fishin Frank & Robert   01/19/17--------  Ponce is ok , Snappers maybe leagal.
the black drum are really making noises you can hear them from the docks,
but don't know how to get them to bite

Fishin Frank & Robert   01/30/17-------- Black drum is the big thing and
When the Jacks some through hang on what a fight.
There is some Trout and the Snapper pretty fair at Ponce

Fishin Frank & Robert   01/13/16----- Ponce has sheep head and snappers good activity fish
not much size to most of them but quite a few fish to play with, there are some black drum
and red fish here as well, and the Trout are becoming more frequent catches


Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   02/24/18------ slow

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   02/16/18------ Still quiet from the dredgeing Possible sheep head but smaller ones

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   02/10/18------ Possible sheep head and Maybe Trout and Sanpper

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Josh Olive   02/02/18------Some smaller snappers


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--02/09/15-------Sheep head but the snapper
are checking out the stuff stirred up by the dredge, I think that is why the sheep head are
hanging out. Trout when the barge is not working are moving in and out of the canal




Fishin Frank , Robert   03/30/18------  Getting better . Smaller snapper and big jacks
wading in front there is Trout and Snook with possible Cobia.
Some decent sheep head in hte canal

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Josh  03/17/18------ Not many reports possible good or bad.
Josh says Cat fihs and bait thives,

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Josh  03/10/18------  slow possible jacks. Small snappers


Fishin Frank & Robert   03/06/17-------- Black drum and Snook with a few Trout

Fishin Frank & Robert   03/13/17-------- Snapper and sheep head from the piers and a bunch of snook
up the canals, the red fish are in the canal but not thick

Fishin Frank & Robert   03/23/17--------

Fishin Frank & Robert   03/29/17--------  Some nice snapper and a few black drum and Jacks
Snook on the path dock.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--03/30/15------ Snapper and Jacks are the most often caught here
but there are some Big Black drum to be had.




Fishin Frank , Robert   04/28/18 ------- Jacks and black drum and Snook are possible
a lot of Snappers.

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Josh Olive  04/21/18 ------- picing up better with snappers
and the Snook moving through.

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Carl  04/13/18 ------- Snappera and some sheep head watch for black drum
and possible Snook there are reds moving through the canals and some 30 pound black drum

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Carl  04/06/18 ------- Snapper and some sheep head Possible spade fish watch for jacks
Wade fishing for Trout and jacks


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--04/27/15------Ponce is on fire with Snappers, Snook,
and Jacks all of biting well here from the fishng piers up the canals, Some really great
fishing right up inside the canal.

Fishin Frank & Robert   04/07/17-------- atlantic croakers, Trout, Black drum
Ponce is doing pretty good,

Fishin Frank & Robert   04/21/17-------- Snapper are in good numbers , some Black drum
and Snook being caught

Fishin Frank & Robert   04/28/17-------  Snapper and quite a few Snook
 and Black drum in the 24 inch range




Fishin Frank , Robert   05/25/18 -------- Lots of Snook and some snappers, Possible jacks

Fishin Frank , Robert   05/18/18 -------Snapper and you can see big Snook but hard to hook up.

Fishin Frank , Robert   05/11/18 -------   getting better snappers and jacks with some Snook
a possible black drum

Fishin Frank  & Capt Josh Olive 05/05/18


Fishin Frank & Robert   05/04/17-------- mangorve snappers and soem jacks
A few black drum. there is a lot of snook just farther then you can cast
if you have a boat there is a lot of snook to watch as you drive by

Fishin Frank & Robert   05/13/17--------  Ponce s good for Snapper and as you get inside
there is a ton of Snook

Fishin Frank & Robert   05/20/17--------  Black drum and the snapper fishing is betteing better
watch for schools of Jacks

Fishin Frank & Robert   05/26/17-------- Snapper is the best bite, the snook are also
hitting. Possible big Jacks.



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--05/25/15------ activity fish, Snapper, Sheep head,
Jacks , Snook, and THe sea Trout. Black drum.





Fishin Frank,  Robert   06/29/18 -------- Lot sof snapper and some black drum,

Fishin Frank  Robert  & Capt Josh Olive  06/23/18 -------- Snapper Robert says they are smaller
Some Nice Jacks, Smaller Trout.  

Fishin Frank  & Capt Josh Olive  06/09/18 -------- Some Mangorove snappers and some Snook.
Lots of sting rays out on the flats.

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Josh Olive  06/01/18 -------- Some Jacks and Snappers,


Fishin Frank & Robert   06/17/17-------- Manatee watching is ok.
Fishin Frank & Robert   06/23/17-------- ????

Fishin Frank & Robert   06/30/17------- some black drum and the snapper are getting better
The jacks are going in and out, Night time from a boat the big snook and red fish are really hitting


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--06/15/15------ The Snapper and Black drum all doing well
The Jacks continue to be a great surprise when they move through,
The Tarpon babies are holding in the far back canals



Fishin Frank & Robert   07/06/17-------- possible black drum and some snapper

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/15/17--------  Some Snapper, lots of no-see-ums

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/21/17-------- ???????

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/29/17-------- Snapper fishing is very good, and a lot of smaller eating size black drum
Snook fishing from the pier is good, and the jacks are passing by, Silver side are the best bait for snappers


Fishin Frank & Robert   08/04/17-------- They are catching black drum with shrimp
Possible jacks and snapper. Red fish on the north side of the channel

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/11/17-------- been sort of quiet snapper and some smaller black drum

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/18/17-------- Been a bit quiet a few snook possible, and some small snapper

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/25/17-------Snapper bite is good, possible of drum and Snook -



Fishin Frank & Robert   09/01/17-------- A lot of small snook in the channel but hard to get fro the park
Black drum is a better bet

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/15/17--------Snook lots of them in the hole use a Storm twitch.
Lot sof fun. wading out on the shallows the Trout and some Snook, thee is tarpon rolling on the flats

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/23/17--------  Snook in the canal, and there is a bunch of mayan's
out front there is Red fish and Possible Trout

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/29/17-------- Some Snapper and snook possible slot fish,
In front of the park on hte flats wading the red fish and snook even a few trout
Use shrimp or paddle tails 


Fishin Frank & Robert   10/14/17-------- Black drum not huge but legal size slot fish
wading or from the pier , Possible red fish and or Snook, on the flats there is some Trout

Fishin Frank & Robert   10/20/17--------  Black drum mostly smaller 14 inchers or So
Some Snook

Fishin Frank & Robert   10/27/17--------  Some Black drum 18 inch average
and some Snook,


Fishin Frank & Robert   11/04/17-------- Some Snook caught wading right in front in the grass

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/11/17-------- Mangrove Snappers and a lot of Small Snook
and Possible Flounder

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/23/17-------- No reports



fishin Frank & Robert   12/02/17-------Lot sof Snook and a bunch of tiny mangrove snappers
Sheep head , some black drum    

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/08/17------ They are dredging but the Snook are biting, a lot of Snappers. -

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/29/17-------Some black drum and the sheep head are stating to hit
lots of snook, wading for Trout is good on the flat in front of the park