Burnt store & Two Pines
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Brunt store          Two Pines 



Fishin Frank & Robert   01/06/18------- ????
Fishin Frank & Robert   01/15/18------- Bigger snook two pines in hte holes Buzzard bay has a lot of red fish.
Gold or bronze colors for lures. Bounce the lures on the bottom

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   01/19/18------ Two pines has a bunch of Snook and a lot of
Red fish in Buzzard bay sunning them selves in the middle, Snook by the islands

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   01/27/18------ Been a hand ful of reds in two pines under the bushes
Trout fishing with a mirrolure Little john the D.O.A. shad tail with bright tails, like green or pink.



Fishin Frank & Robert   01/10/17-------- In the way back hard to get there but there is Reds and Snook
the cold front has fish moving. the fish are moving towards dark bottom, and then it is a afternoon

Fishin Frank & Robert   01/19/17--------  Snook fishing is good in the back of the islands
and some Trout out on the bar. A ton of mullet on the flats.
Possible jacks out on the bar as well.

Fishin Frank & Robert   01/30/17-------- Red fish behind the bar and there is a couple of Pompano
and whats strange is the Pompano are in groups of 3 or 4 fish not big schools






Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   02/24/18------Two pines of full of Snook behind the first set of islands
Buzzard bay has big over slot Snook.

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   02/16/18----- Two pines on hte flats for Trout but they are smaller
The otter islabds have a bunch of Snook and possible pompano. The reds are farther back by the 2nd sets of islands -

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Karl   02/10/18------ Lot sof Snook by the islands and The Snook are out in front
and the red fish are way in the back by the crab traps.

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Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Josh Olive   02/02/18------ Twp pines has some nice Trout and little john soft plastics
are working well. Red fish are very near shore and in the little patches of grass. and the pompano along the bar or just out side of it



Fishin Frank & Robert   02/13/17-------- Snook fishing is great not big Snook but a lot of them
Blue fish and Trout , Tons of Red fish n the flats




Fishin Frank , Robert   03/30/18------  Lots of Snook by two pines. Tons of Cobia out side the bar
I mean a lot of them and some sharks just out side the bar

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Josh  03/17/18------ Snook on hte shore line from Bs to two pines and Pompano
on the bar,

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt. Josh  03/10/18------  The silver Trout on the bar along with some spotted Trout and there is a lot of Snook
and some red fish. The reds are ganging up in 3 to 6 fish and are hitting soft plastics scented Gulp.


Fishin Frank & Robert   03/06/17-------- Snook fishing is good but not huge snook
Big schools of big Black drum a thousand fish is that school.
Fishin Frank & Robert   03/13/17-------- Snook at two pines on the flats is a lot of smaller Snook
and a big school pf black drum on the out side of the bar. Some Trout on the flats

Fishin Frank & Robert   03/23/17--------two pines has some smaller Snook out on the flats,
And the Red fish are around the islands, not as much under the branches as just out from the trees.
a couple poeple have stopped thier boat, where they would usally fish and found the school
spooked out right where the stopped. So stay back farther than normal. and cast to the branches,
 then slowly work your bait out, From what I hear the 10 to 15 feet from the trees is best

Fishin Frank & Robert   03/29/17-------- The bar has pompano and the Snook are up under the branches
The red fish are out close to the bar. Cobia on the bar.




Fishin Frank , Robert  04/28/18 ------- Two pines has a lot of tarpon just out side lady ifsh or Bait buster
Snook along the shore line

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Josh Olive  04/21/18 ------- Two pines has still decent numbers of Snook
The Trout are in schools once you find them it is fun. Tarpon out side the bar possible Cobia
S[anish and lady fish off the burnt store bar. Cobia crusing the bar

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Carl  04/13/18 ------- out side the bar thee is Tarpon, use lady ifsh
Two pines has a lot of snook and snappers under htemangroves on top of the sand bar Trout and flounder
a bunch of bonnet sharks to scare the wade fisherman

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Carl  04/06/18 ------- Snook under the mangroves lot sof them
On the flats to the bar some flounder and possible Pompano. the reds are closer to Burnt store
The Tarpon just out side the bar. lady fish is the bite for tarpon


Fishin Frank & Robert   04/07/17-------- Capt. Fish is talking about the out side of the bar,
Mackerel and Lady fish, Cobia and The Tarpon are right here out side the bar to 5 foot of water.
Fishin Frank & Robert   04/21/17-------- Two pine sis loaded with Snook there is trout on the open flats
out side the bar watch for Tarpon. Lots of manatees so watch out.

Fishin Frank & Robert   04/28/17-------  Two pines is loaded iwth snook and the reds are scattered
in single and pairs look for Oysters. The out side of the bar has a lot of Tarpon moving up and
down the sand bar



May- 5


Fishin Frank , Robert   05/25/18 -------- Lots of snook, Pompano closer to Burnt store on the top of the bar

Fishin Frank , Robert   05/18/18 ------- Snook along the shore line and Pompano and Sharks out side the bar

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Josh Olive  05/11/18 -------Sharks and a lot of Tarpon out side the bar
The mangroves have snook and some red fish , the Trout are smaller.   

Fishin Frank  & Capt Josh Olive 05/05/18 ------- tarpon still out side the bar, really hard to get close enough to get a bite going, anchor up get quiet and wait for them to come by. Snook under the mangroves and some red fish on the top of the bar, hiding in small patches of grass.



Fishin Frank & Robert   05/04/17--------  Lot fo snook at 2 pines form tiny to huge
Red fish better on the flats more than the islands, The cuts have jacks and sheep head
Fishin Frank & Robert   05/13/17--------  Two pines is full of Snook with some reds, the closer
you get to burnt store the more reds there are.

Fishin Frank & Robert   05/20/17--------Burtn store down to 2 pines on the out side of the bar
lots of Tarpon, The afternoon bite has been better for reds on the flats  

Fishin Frank & Robert   05/26/17-------- really starting to get good
Snook in two pines and the reds are running the bar, some Tarpon and the Sharks
out side the bar.



June - 6


Fishin Frank,  Robert   06/29/18 -------- Not bad here, sharks and Spanish mackerel and there is a lot of Trout but they are smaller. Possible Pompano and Tarpon out isde the bar.

Fishin Frank  Robert  & Capt Josh Olive  06/23/18 -------Pompano and sharks out side the bar
Some Trout- 

Fishin Frank  & Capt Josh Olive  06/09/18 -------- Burnt store wading for Snook and Trout, Snook along the shores
maybe Cobia. 

Fishin Frank , Robert & Capt Josh Olive  06/01/18 -------- Burnt store has Trout and Some Snook are hit or miss
better on the low tides.


Fishin Frank & Robert   06/17/17-------- Snook fishing is good, the red are or could be any where
The brighter the sun the more the reds will be under the branches.
The Tarpon go by in the morning and possible Sharks and Cobia just out side the bar.
Some monster jacks on the bar.

Fishin Frank & Robert   06/23/17-------- Two pines in the troughs under the  mangroves
Red fish and or Snook in good numbers, Out side the bar some Cobia and Trout

Fishin Frank & Robert   06/30/17------- a couple opf good reports of red fish crusing the sand bar
And a lot of Snook . down by two pines , There is a lot of Tarpon better chances with a fly then with anything else.



July -7


Fishin Frank & Robert   07/06/17-------- A lot of Tarpon in or out of the bar, as the sun comes up
Snook fishing at two pines is good, The big Tarpon out side the bar. Capt. Cayle says
the Snook are over thick here. His best bet fo numbers of Snook.

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/15/17-------- Best Trout report from the area, 3 to 4 feet of water
Shrimp are the best bet for the Trout, Lots of pompano out side the bar, maybe on top or just in side
tarpon on the out side of the bar.


Fishin Frank & Robert   07/21/17--------  Pompano on the top of the bar, and The Tarpon
working the bar, The in-side of the bar in the evening there is red fish and snook snook biting under the

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/29/17-------- On top of the bar there has been Pompano.
the Red fish are in side the bar on hte Oyster beds not a lot yet but getting better
A lot of snook in front of Brunt store and there is sharks out side the bar



Fishin Frank & Robert   07/04/16----- Two pines ahs quite a few snook and the
Red fish are north towards pirate Harbor, around the islands. Some trout scattered all over the flats

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/18/16----- Tarpoon in the cnals of Pirate harbor, along with some jacks
The red fish are hanging out right on the bar. from burnt store early there is some great red fish
between burnt store and two pines

Fishin Frank & Robert   07/29/16----- Lots of Trout between 2 pines and Bunrt Store
Snook on the islands . and green backs on the bar.

The Pirate Harbor bar has Bonnet Sharks



august - 8

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/04/17-------- Pompano out side the bar and there is possible Tarpon out isde the bar for
larger inside for smaller, Snook are thick in the two pines cuts between the islands,
Larger sharks out side the bars.

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/11/17-------- Snook lot sof them in two pines between the islands
The red fish are holding by the islands but they are more picky there has to be deeper troughs to hold the reds
Out side or just in side the bar Tarpon from large to small. and out side the bar the spanish or Trout even smaller sharks
chasing thread fins

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/18/17--------  a lots of Snook and the red fish in the troughs between the mangroves
out side the bar you might find Pompano or blue fish

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/25/17-------Lots of reds and Snook along the shore,
Some Trout out by the bar, a few Tarpon out side the bar.


Fishin Frank & Robert   08/08/16-----  Lot sof Trout on the bar, Snook at two pines
The large school of Red fish out on the bar. Closer to Burnt store, small spoons and or cut bait
very spooky once the boat traffic picks up.

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/15/16-----  School of red fish is working the bar,
ealry in the day they are just out side burnt store. then they are moving
Out side the bar quite a few sharks

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/22/16----- Pompano and Some Trout out side the bar
Big reds on the bar, they have been going from Burnt store to two pines,
Ya gotta look, but they are there and hungry

Fishin Frank & Robert   08/29/16-----  At first light there is a big school of hundreds of Red fish,
some Snook and a few flounder, better by two pines


September - 9

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/01/17-------- Red fish and Snook are both hitting here.
The red fish are really getting in to the schools.

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/15/17--------  Lots of Red fish along the mangroves
and the pouter islands of two pines are full of snook,
The white bait for the Snook

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/23/17-------- School of reds just north of Burnt store on the flats
A lot of Snook by two pines , the deep pockets under the mangroves have some slot snook

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/29/17-------Lot sof Snook and red fish in the two pines back country
On the flats between burnt store and 2 pines there is a couple big schools of red fish-  

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/13/16----- Trout and Red fish along the bushes
on top of the bar the flounder reports are great,

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/22/16----- Red fish is the news from Brunt store to two pines
The reds are feeding on top of the bar, and there is a big school of reds, working between the two

Fishin Frank & Robert   09/28/16-----   Bunches of Red fish lots of them and the weird thing is the Pompano
are mixed in with these big schools of Red fish. Flounder on the bar and just out outside the bar.



October -10


Fishin Frank & Robert   10/14/17-------- Red fish have been out on hte open flat or right on the bar
some Trout mostly smaller one, Possible Cobia

Fishin Frank & Robert   10/20/17-------- Most of the poeple are doing Reds and Snook
More reds going south towards two pines with some fish out side the bar, like bonnnets and Pompano

Fishin Frank & Robert   10/27/17-------- This is really good fishing for Red fish on the bar or the flats
Snook are more up under the mangroves. Possible Pompano just out side the bar,
but a few Pompano way back near the shore



Fishin Frank & Robert   10/18/16----- The bunches of small Snook are thick
the Reds are from the out side of the bar all the way back to the mangroves
The after to dark the flats have tons of fish biting

Fishin Frank & Robert   10/24/16-----



November -11


Fishin Frank & Robert   11/04/17-------- Most of the better fishing is by two pines, lots of snook
smaller ones out in front and larger Snook back in the islands, There is Trout on the flats
Some Pompano and sharks on the bar

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/11/17--------  two pines has a lot of Snook, There is some reds but you have to look
Flounder and some Pompano out side the bar. Plenty of puffers 

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/23/17-------- Been some Pompano out side the bar.
Just north of Two pines out side the bar anchor up and you should catch a Cobia or Pompano
Not gang buster but a excellent place to while away some time with a big fish Possible


Fishin Frank & Robert   11/14/16----- Red fish out by the bar and right on top of the bar
or head back to the trees, Snook in twp pines on the flats , but not suprised if you hook a 100 pound Tarpon
in two feet of water


Fishin Frank & Robert   11/08/16----- Snook is the Story if the water is high get behind the bar
if not stay out side and cast the out side of the bar2 to 4 feet of water

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/21/16----- maybe a bit of red tide, soem red fish are moving back in, this area
mosty under slot and there is a bigger school of largered reds by two pines

Fishin Frank & Robert   11/29/16----- Red ifsh are starting to move n against the mangroves
and the Snook are thicker by two pines,
the Trout fishing on the flats is pretty good and the shark fishing with a shrimp under a float is good on the bar.



December -12


Fishin Frank & Robert   12/02/17------- Pompano out side the bar, some Trout on the flats at two pines
And there is a lot of puffers, Lots of reds by the oysters. Tons of snook at two pines in the deeper cuts   

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/08/17------A lot of Pompano out side the bar and there is some reds around the two islands.-
Flounder on the bar

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/29/17-------Closer to two pines the Trout are hitting and the red fish and Snook are
back by the mangroves , flounder fishing here is good, shrimp or fake shrimp is the key here under popping corks   


Fishin Frank & Robert   12/13/16-----  Maybe some Trout and red fish mixed reports

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/22/16--------  Scattered red fish on and behind the bar
some Pompano and blue fish just outside the bar. a lot of small Trout
look for places with no grass, it is sandy bottoms the Trout are hanging out

Fishin Frank & Robert   12/28/16-------- the whole flat has more Red fish and the Pompano
on the bar. The Trout are average 17 inch Sea Trout not big numbers but nice fish
The Puffer are really thick. But don't eat gonads.