NOAA Radar       Radar from N.O.A.A.    To put this in motion, click loop at left.                        

Marine Forcast    This is a 5 day forecast, of the local gulf Charlotte Harbor marine weather forecast.  N.O.A.A. updates 4 times a day.

Land forcast    This is N.O.A.A.  7 day weather forecast for Charlotte Harbor.

Marine weather statewide   Water and weather conditions for Salt and fresh water around Florida


Tide charts & graphs    There are 16 different tidal locations in Graph format, for today and Tomorrow.

Red tide    This link takes you to the F.W.C. page it has red tide maps, and county by county red tide up-dates.
                             As you scroll down this page, look for current status , "south west Florida".  Below that is a map of red tide infestation with locations and color guide.

 Water Temperature, Wave Heights and buoy info

Gulf water temp   This will tell you the gulf temperatures, look for Naples and St. Pete.
                                   Text not graph.

NOAA wave height  there is a button at the top to slow down or stop the graph

Bouy in gulf    wind speed for open gulf of Mexico waters.
                              To get this info from your phone. Dial 888-701-8992
                               when asked press 1 then the buoy # 42023
                               this is a recording for the wind at the buoy off our coast.

convert info    Convert Knots to m.p.h. or, anything else you want very cool stuff.

River flow volume & lake levels, water quality 

water quality    Water quality & temperature     convert temp   Convert to Fahrenheit

Rivers & creeks                         Lakes & ponds

Peace River                                           Caloosahatchee 

   Praie Creek                                              Myaka River

   Shell Creek                                              kissimmee River

  Horse Creek                                             Lake Trafford

  Joshua Creek                                              Harney Pond

  Praie Creek                                               Fisheating Creek



Storm and Hurricane forecast & Tracking

Satellite images    Here is a link to NOAA satellite page pick the one you need

Spaghetti models   All of the Spaghetti lines, cones, for Hurricane info

Hurricane info  this is the most complete hurricane forecast page I could find.