Tent sale event 2018
 We had over 3500 people People attend and
            I think 90% were really happy.   
              hope to see you next year! 

 Saturday the 24th of March 2018                 These are not
Just the Factory Reps
 We Have real People from the factories. Owners, V.P.s National Sales Managers.
 design Engineers and They are the People Who decide what we fish with, and Give the great deals.
Powerful People can make powerful deals.


Meet the manufactures day, and make your deals.
this show is based on me going to a tackle/trade show to buy for Fishin Franks.
You are me for this day, Make deals get discounts, have fun. Fun facts, Squeaky wheels get no grease. The better your questions and the nicer you are the better your discounts. These companies come here to engage with the public. Fishin Franks is famous for the best cliental in the industry. I have seen major manufacturers change products and add products based on conversations they had at this tent sale Event.


      Shuttle to your Car, what a treat!
        Maybe call them and say thank  you for the Shuttle service.


Over 3000 people attend the Tent Sale Event.
 In the Booth is not just the Reps. also People from the factory
                 with the power to make deals.

 Here is Who is gonna be at
  The Tent sale Event 2018   



 Stop By and Meet Carl from Dexter Russell
   Make a deal on an American Made knife




Tim Johnson The owner of Reaper Rods
 will be here. Meet and talk with Tim about the
 revolutionary new Micro wave Guide systems.

 Which make Reaper Rods out cast any thing!
  Reaper Rods are made here in Port Charlotte








2018 other Events
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th 14th > Charlotte County boat show,
Feb- 24th  25th Big boy toyz Expo in Punta Gorda
March 1
st 4th > Bonita Springs Boat show,
March 8
th 11th > Punta Gorda boat show,
March 24
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June 30
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Eric Owner of Mirror lures The 17mr & many others are the among the
hottest selling, & fish catch-in-est lures of all time



Eric will be demonstrating how to use a MirrOlure in his casting tank here at the show.





A.F.W. American fishin wire will be here.
 Shawn Will be here showing why we sell
so much A.F.W. products.




         Shawn from the A.F.W. factory

 Will be here to answer questions & give deals on their products.
  Remember to check out their Floro-carbon leader great for flats fishing
The A.F.W. red wire leader is my favorite Shark & Spanish mackerel leader.

 Shawn has a New Fishin Buddies,
                                                                         Quarto is one of my favorite lines to use


This is a case of you just want to meet these people, Once you meet them,
and try the product you will understand why each year we add more & more
A.F.W & Hi Seas on our walls at Fishin Franks


This is a very simple idea that Robert and I had 7 years ago when we started this. I'm very proud to say this is the ONLY event anywhere where this is possible! You get to meet the factory people and make your own deals on top-quality fishing tackle. There is NO other place or time can you get to meet these people and find out why I buy, what I buy, and why I buy from these companies. I'm as excited as I can be to give you, our loyal Fishin' Frank's customers, this unique opportunity. Each lure company will have its own casting tank. You can watch factory people -- actually, they're
often the guys who invented the lures or who own the companies -- show you how to get the proper action out of their baits. And then, you'll get an incredible deal when you buy.

It's all happening Saturday, March 14, here at Fishin' Frank's in the front parking lot.
Each Lure company
 gets a casting tank.

 So you get to see the

 owner inventors of the lures
 show you how to work them
 and get a deal when you buy.
 No where else in the world is this possible to do.
 and it all happens here at Fishin Franks in the front parking lot.




 You are really going to enjoy Charles & Vicky
       they are flying in from Texas for the event



Storm Lures
       Here it is the #1
  best fish Catchin lure
    and they are on sale!

 Come meet the storm Factory.
   This is Jim a Friend &
 a real fisherman, one of
 the coolest guys in the industry
 and get Great a price. Jim loves to deal
  on the #1 best selling lure.
why rest just because you are #number 1.




What can I say, But you get to see how to work the Lures, Right in front of you

Deals & deals Meet with the factory, They will help you find the perfect lure for you
Jim wears a couple hats

He is really The Rapala man,
 which owns Storm so the
 same company.

Jim understand how to work a skitter walk
 to make the fish explode on it.



Barry owner of Star Rods, a great guy.
Barry will be here giving great deals on the best selling Rods we have.

 Star Rods have the best warranty in the business.    Ask Barry to sign your Star Rod 

The Number 1 Fishin Rod in Florida for over 40 years





 Mark Nichols
 owner and inventor
   of the D.O.A.


        D.O.A. Bait buster #1 tarpon lure ever




This is the big one at the show,
Mike Rice Brand Manager. The guy who runs the whole company,

The boss,
  the buck stops here guy,
 Mike will be here
 at the counter
  helping you pick
 the perfect Penn Reel

 Mike is no Desk jockey
 He can Fish and knows the Reels
 and wants you to have a great deal
 on some of the best reels in the world.

   The new Penn Clash

 Winner of Best new Salt water reel
 at the 2015 I-cast show.

 This is your best deal with a full
 in-store warranty

Penn's Conflict reel has proven it has what it takes for In-shore fishing on the flats
 The Conflict is a match for any Snook or Red Fish


  Deals on Rods
 even the Battalion



The Spin fisher with more drag pressure than you can hold.
absolute power. Heavy tough gears, this is the kind of reel Penn is famous world over for.

You get to talk to the guy who designs the Rods & Reels you fish with. How cool is that! 

  These guys from Penn Fish! They use the reels & rods they make.  If you fish you need to Meet Penn.

  Deals on the Penn
 Battle II Winner of best new product
 Best new Salt water reel,

 don't forget the Fierce
 the low dough Power horse reel from Penn

Rampage our Number one selling off shore Rods,
These are amazing and you can meet Cameron and work your deals
            with the factory. This is really cool
    This year PENN has more deals on more rods
 more reels and Line.
You won't believe the deal you are going to get.
 this is the year to make sure you visit

 This is Gary
 You know him as our Penn Guy

 He is a Crowd favorite
 he know reels & Gary Knows fish,


  The Penn 6500ll dual Drag Spinning reel with the live Liner feature  

    Our Number one best selling
 Strongest drag Perfect for
 Shark,  Tarpon,
 Monster Cobia And Grouper

   Get a deal  you wont Believe, on a reel you have to use to believe






   Meet Russ the owner Inventor of the stick-it Anchor pin




                        Come Meet Ron the owner and Inventor of the braggin bar ,
 it is his first time at the tent Event and Ron came up with a very cool fishing/braggin accessory


Strike King Lures Vice Presidents
  Mary & Doug Minor will be here.





  The fish catchinest Top water lure of all time in S.W. Fla.
                        The Spook Jr.  Bone-SL
 Heddon & Fishin Franks have come together to get you the best deal ever,
            on the most used, most popular Top water lure ever.

    is bringing some of the best deals on Zara Spooks you will ever find


 Have you ever wished to use top water lures? See the fish hit feel the strike!

 Learn to walk the Dog with the first the best the one and only Zara Spook






Charlie Has been with us since the very 1st Show
 A crowd favorite,
 This is a guy who knows his
products. You will want to talk with him








   Boomerang Tools
 National sales manager


The cool line cutter which is a must have for Salt water fishing.

"T's" Tackle  
Larry, The owner will be here to show you,
How to catch Pompano on his Jigs.
     "The Jig Shop products"






Mustad Hooks









       (941) 625-5454
These are Local guys who boat and Fish here in Charlotte Harbor.
 Trust the Local guys of Sea Tow to bring you back safe.
       I do, Fishin Frank "me" is a member of Sea Tow









Meet Glenn and the folks from Z-man
yes the people from the factory. watch them work lures in the casting tanks.






   Buy A knife get it engraved with your name or
             what ever you wish, for free!!!!




Spool Tech Lures



Soundworks Kustomz
   Make your Boat ROCK!
Boat or Auto Stereo Equipment & installation




From your basic stereo system, to the work of art
             you envision for your Ride! Wet or Dry!

The Guys Form Memphis car Audio
          will be here to get you the deal on a new stereo for
 you Boat or Truck, even a Car,
but what good is a car you can't tow a boat with it.


The Get Some Spray is the best I have seen
for my boat's Electrical switches. Just spray on the switch and it stays good.

            Stop by and say Hi to Shannon,
    this is a product I use, almost everyday here in the store.


              No harmful anything in this product,

             This is what we use to make reels feel new again




Flambeau Tackle box Company
and they have a great selection of Tackle storage systems
The water proof tackle boxes with ZERUST corrosion Protection.


We are really looking forward to you meeting Flambeau and understanding,
 why we choose Flambeau Tackle boxes. and check out the great deals,









      Top boss, big dog & Inventor of Seblie lures,
Patrick Sebile !!!!   Will be here!!!
     Chris the Brand manager and

Watch Chris and the guys throw Sebile lures in the casting Tank, Learn the secrets of
                catching Fish with a Sebile lure.



 Have you fished Sebile?          If you have you know they catch fish,
If you haven't maybe it was the Price?           Yes they are a little pricey.
Be at the SEBILE booth, I promise you will not believe it. If you fish Sebile every day
or ever wanted to try one. BE HERE! I can't explain, But BE HERE!