Bill's Popping cork Rig


hey frank
Bill k. here. i have been using my own setup on a Cajun thunder type popping cork and so far it has been great. included are some pictures of it.
i showed it to Cayle, Robert and Steven and they all said i should send it to you in case you want to teach it at an upcoming class.

 pic 1 you just tie a loop knot.

pic 2 you run one end through the cork and through the loop. at the other end you attach your hook.


 pic 3
 you attach a small split shot. securing one side of the first loop to the main line. this makes it completely adjustable as far as length.


 pic 4
is in a medium length position.

 pic 5
it is in its shortest position.

the resistance from the split shot makes it so that even a big trout will not draw it out but a big snook will. even if it does, it goes through the loop so it is secure. i have been using it on oyster bars. i can adjust it to its shortest length, 9 inches, and a bait stays just off the bed so that it does not get caught on the oysters. if i see a fish just off the bed in deeper water i can pull it out to maximum length to get the fishes attention. then i can go back to short in a second. if i am not sure of the water depth, i adjust it until the float is no longer on its side. i now know it is just up off the bottom. also works great on the grass flats. i can adjust it to keep it just above the grass and don't have to worry about the bait burrowing down in the grass. i personally think it works like a charm and out at ainger creek the reds and snook did to. see you at the meeting

Bill and Linda