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10/24/2014 not all done for more up-dates more often Click Blog button
The reason not every place has a report, is that we did not have currant information about that spot.

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41 bridges - .....  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14-------Tarpon and Red ifsh, Not what you would call
steady but I would guve it an hour. when they are they and you find them, it is WOW
Yes quite a few people have had the catching day of their life.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Tarpon and a few lady fish


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Black drum stl l doing well
dont be surpised at the croakers, they like a lot like a Red Fish, but the color are
different a little storng on flover but still a good eating fish, balcken seasoning are a great


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Trout & Black drum fish the bumpers
for better size Trout and the south bound bridge pilings for the black drum



Alligator Creek-....... 
Poachers Cut

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Snook and maybe a start of the Trout
the red fish are getting ready to move back up into the creek so there are quite
a few at the mouth


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Trout just starting to show up
but the Snapper fishing is still good, and big Snook at the marina boat ramp


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- The mouth of the creek has some
 Trout and the more fun thing is the Jacks are still here in the creek, not monsters
but you will remember why they are so much fun. and by the by the best smoked fish
I ever had is Jack Crevelle




Alligator creek reef "concrete reef

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Hit or miss, Gag and Jew fish
with some spanish


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Spanish mackerel, on top
and a bunch of Snappers on the reef, I would start chumming for Gag grouper
They should be there



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- southern end has some Snappers
and the Spanish are visisting here. Keep a rod just under the boat for the Cobia



Bay shore piers- . ..............

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Red ifhs when the tide is up
but near shore not at the end of the pier


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Red ifhs near the shore
and Snook are yunder the dock, yes cast underneath the board for big fish



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Red fish tight against the shore line
and if you are fishng the end of the pier, there is whiting and some Trout showing up


 Jug Creek Shoals

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- White biat, with a mixed bag of fish
Snook, Spanish, Sharks, and Trout this is some very good fishng right now
inside the bar for more types, and out side the bar for lrager fish


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Spanish, lots of them
there is a ton of bait fish there


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14-------Lots of activity the white bait is
bringing in the trout and Snapers, still a gazillion pin fish so hard to keep a bait
in the water


Bull bay-  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Red fish inside,
The Snook seem to be up inside the bay, and red fish around the islands


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Red ifsh back inside and under the shacks
starting to see a lot of snapper and a few Sheephead, there are a couple of jew fish
under the shacks but as they are about 60 pounds hard to know after your line has snapped


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- In the center the trout have moved in,
the Snook seem to be bunched in the mouths of the bay, I think looking for the cooler
flowing water.

Cape haze reef, -. ......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Pompano, Spanish, and Snappers
with, some Spade fish moving in. lots of fun there


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Spaish and Snapper
But the cobia have been here a lot latey, So keep a free line bait out


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- a few Spanish and Sharks
but tons of snappers



Cape Haze  bar-  .....

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14-------ppopmano and Guess  what
Big Red ifsh, yes and they are htiing the pompano lures. What???
Pk I just report, but keep an eye open for monster Reds while here
20 pounders up.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------better on the west side
the pompano and Trout, Sharks as well all are in about 4 feet of water
enoughht o band the rods many times


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Boca side there are Pompano
and Red fish, the bonnet head Sharks ahve taken up living here so the shark fishing is good
remmeber tohave some Shrimp with you that is the best bait for Bonnet


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- On the boca side Red fish & the sharks
are hanging out here. On the east side the Snapper are steady, cool thing is they are bigger
mostly keeper and white bait or piecies of sardines are the best bait.



 Deep holes in Charlotte Harbor- .......
Tarpon Maps click here


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14------- Tarpon look for the birds
from the 20 foot to cape haze, Spanish and a few kings in the harbor,



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Trapon still there with a
 scatterng of Spanish


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- tarpon ots of Tarpon and lots
of cat fish.
Cobia just starting to coame back in. Keep an eye for fins on the surface
what you think is a tarpon might be a big Cobia



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Millions of cat fish,
The Tarpon are thick and biting in the after noon


East Side "keys"  the Islands which run from Alligator Creek to Pirate Harbor
Cormorant key    One of the islands "keys" on the east side.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14-------Bonnet and some black nise sharks just outside the bar
Some Cobia not a lot and not too big but getting better, Lots of Trout and some Pompano
on the bar.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Red fish still big ones out on the bar
the better fishng is closer to Pirate Harbor to burnt store, the northen end has lots f snook
around the islands, find a little bay and cast the edges trying to get under the tree branches


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Redf ifsh out n the bar
the priate Harbor to burnt store is loaded with reds. the Tarpon ar out in about 8 feet of water
Snook back under the tress, but that said, there is a lot on top of the bar.



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Pirate Harbor south has a lot of Reds
 and the snapper are thick as well, the Snook are starting to bunch up into schools
so if you find one there should be more in the same spot. Rapala Balsa extreme are the
best lures but they do come apart. but with or with out the lip they catch fish, just
back your drag down so you do not rip the hooks out, it is a balsa wood lure, and these are big fish




Englewood pier "Tom Adams bridge

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14-------Right there is a lot of Trout on the flats
Red ifsh hanging out under docks.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Lotsof Snook at night
with large Mangrove Snappers. Day time the whiting keep you busy, and there
are Spanish in the deeper waters in the ICW channel


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14-------Whitng and tons of Snook at night
the Snapper fishing is still doing good, But try casting out toward the inter-caosetal
for the pomano


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Tons of Spanish, And lots
of Snappers. Night time is Snook time, and Tarpon are not uncommon here.
My pick for best pier is here this week



Gilchrist pier-  .........

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14------- Jacks and some


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Jacks along the sea wall
and some snook


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14-------Jacks and big Snook next to the sea wall
the Lady fish out in front of the pier.

fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Snook along the Sea wall
first light or Just after sun down



South Gulf cove canals- ........
Butterford Ramp
South Gulf Cove park

Locks S.G.C.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14-------Snook, & Bass, the bass are closer to 771
and the Snook are biggest near the locks. but good fishing in these canals right now


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Tarpon smaller ones in the rim ditch
the are some big Snook on the way to the locks


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Trapon back in the canals,
Again 1/4 once rat-l-traps rule the Tarpon catching, the creme is a close second
depending on the day


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- The Snook fishing is gettng better
each day, trolling for the Snook with a spoon is your best bet.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report----09/26/14------ ??????



Gulf of Mexico bottom fishin & trolling -.

Reefs & Wrecks

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14-------Pomaono near shore and Kings out at 1 mile
yes 1 mile 20 to 30 pound kings just off the beach, I think so much bait has brought
the kings right next to the beach, there are Bonita mixed with them.



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Kings out about 20miles and
Snapper still on the close reefs, less reports of Gags, but the fishing is about to explode
with the temps dropping, Cobia, and king are just starting to get theicker,
30 miles out there is Dolphin / mahi-mahi most are small but there are a few larger


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Spanish from right next to shore
out to 15 miles, Mangrove and lane snapper from 2 to 20 miles are just thick.
Gags are best out about 20 miles, unless you count the ones in the passes,
King mackerel are starting slow but getting thicker, at 20 miles out



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- ^ to 25 miles the Snapper
Lane Grunts and progies is great, the Cobia are showing up thicker byu the day
the Bonita are ouut way out 30 plus miles, and the Grouper fishng starts at 30 miles and out
this will change with the water temp, So keep an eye here




Harbor Heights park- . ..

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Tarpon is about it. some snook
but that is enogh


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Still some Tarpon


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Trapon Yes the little piers are a good bet
for Tarpon, and Talipa for the Talipia try peices of Shrimp under a float or wigglers



Hobbs point-  ......Pirate Harbor- .

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14------- Trout are really starting to come
into the canals, the larger ones are out by the bar, but hey it is starting out really good this year



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Red fish thick n the bar,
the back side of Hobbs has nice reds and some good Snappers
Snook in the canals


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14-------Lot of bait for you cast net Guys
the Pompano out or inside the bar, and the red fish her have been out on or just on the out side
of the sand bars



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- The back side the hobbs has
lotsof reds but they are spooky and unless you are quiet you will not know they are
there. the front side has quite a few Snook .
The canals are thick with small Tarpon, break out the 1/4 Rat-LTraps, Yes the king
of the canal Tarpon lures, light drag and let it sink and slow crank. The black / Chartuse
is Number 1.


I-75 bridges "boat only"  ...... 

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Tarpon and maybe a black drum
Good Snook fishing at the ends of the bumpers try a storm swimming bait
let it sink they are very very close the to bottom


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Tarpon and Black drum



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Lot of Tarpon Big or small
and for you meat hunters Balck drum



Laishley Pier -

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Slow, no reports


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14-------Quiet, Should be Snook and maybe
mackerel but have not heard anything


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Some Snook and for the kids
snapper but ther are smaller, after dark you can fool some larger fish into biting


Fishin Frank & Robert's report----09/26/14------ Good Snook fishin at night right under the pier
 cast a lure back into the basin right along the sea wall, hang on these are big Snook.



 Lemon Bay ...

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Whitng just oinsdie stump pass
and the Trout getting thicker in the flats just off the ICW, some spanish and Pomano
with in the channel of the ICW


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Trout are getting thicker
Red fish and Snook are sharing the space under many of the dock. Lot sof fun
to dock fish right now as it is Snook, Red ifsh, Snook , red fish



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- A few more Trout most on the shrot size
the Red fish are scattered but catchable. Shrimp is pok but white bait is king right now
try a mirror lure mr 17 -18 twictch it and repeat


Fishin Frank & Robert's report---09/26/14------- Red fish are along the docks and
out in the pot holes, The Spotted Trout are moving in better each day. The inter-caostal
channel has some Spanish and Pompano. trolling is your best bet. use small
Like an X-rap 06 size.


Matlacha  .--------  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Possible Tarpon and the reds are
here north or south but very few peole talking


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Some tarpon and red fish
scattered, but the bridges have some big Drum under them, And the docks close to the bridge
are full of Snook.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14-------Snook around the bumpers are larger
closer to the shore there are more Snook but les in the slot.
Red ifsh seem to be hanging out under a lot of the docks, and to the north by the ice house
it is better for getting that multi red bite


 Myakka River ...

El-Jo bean pier- .....

Myakka cutoff- ......

Cattle dock
Locks S.G.C.

Tippy Canoe bay
 14 foot hole

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14-------Gulf Cove, BAss , Snook and Tarrpon in all the calnals
the bass fishing you will find by 771 or in father , the same lures work for both, use your favortie Snook
lures and you will/ should get all of any of the three.



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- El-Jo is best at night for Snook and Snapper
with a few giant jew fish, and all the way up to noirth port the snook fishing is way better
than down by El-jo


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Tarpon are still the thing to fish for here
from the mouth all the way to North port, black Charturse Rat-L-trap. El jo at night still
has big Snappers and it would seem a monster fish or two still here,
Snook are thick as well


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14-------Mainly at the mouth are Tarpon but they can be found
all the way past El-jo.
Going up river the Snook fishin gets better and better, North port os a favorite hang out for wintering
Snook and they are headed for their Snow bird homes.

 Passes -Punta rassa, Red fish, Captiva,
Boca Grande & Little Gasprilla, stump

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14------- Pomano in stump pass.
REd ifsh pass best for Snook,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Captiva is your best fishing bet
Pompano, Gag grouper, Spanish and Snappers this is the one to try. drifting is best
try to stay just off the bottom and there are lots of different fish to catch



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Boca nad Captiva, both have Snapper
Big ones, but Boca has quite a few keeper size Gag grouper. Spanish and Pompano
are moving throught most of the passes but it is a hit and run thing not really staedy
fishing for them, better in-side

BONUS--  Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Use a big pin fish, for the monster Red fish
they are under the docks and nothing under 30 inches , come on what a fight even if you have to
let them go


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Red ifsh and Captiva Pass have lots
 of Reds and Big Snappers. The Snook fishing is still great,
Boca Greande has an assortment of fish, but it is a slow bite, try near the top for Spanish
and bottom fish for Snapper and even a few Gag grouper


Peace river above I-75

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Some Tarpon but thinning by the day
the river is slowing and the bait seem to be moving back up
So give it a shot, great place to relax and only have to put up with a few fish.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Some Tarpon, from 5 punds to 150
pounds yes it is a varity pack of Tarpon up river, cat fish or lady fish, best bait,
But do not forget the Snook up river the River is getting full of Snook and a 16 bomber
is just the ticket for the monster Snook


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14-------Tarpon , Tarpon, Tarpon, and Tarpon



Pine Island sound ----

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14------- Lots of reds moving around
Keep moving you will find nice fish, Trout and Spanish as you get closer to the inter-coastal


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Lots of reds, scattered around the holes
and the mangrove they are seeming to be either in the holes or under the trees.
IF think it is a shade avoid the sun thing


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- red fish , red fish,
Snook and pompano are moving in more by the day, and they like the holes
where the reds seem to be closer to a shore line,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14-------Red fish a couple big schools
they are moving fish, the get a lot of pressure, look to around the keys for scattered Reds and
you should find some Snook between catching your reds, But these fish are under the branches




Placida pier //  "trestle"  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14-------Spanish, Snapper , Snook
A few Sharks , but all in all very good fishing here right now
If yuo are fishing from a boat, try the docks on Gaspirllia There are so many fish there now


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- day tme is a mixed bag of
Snapper , red fish, pomano, night time the Snook and Tarpon, along with some sahrks


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Trout and Spanish mackerel
Snapper and whiting all are here any time it seems, night time is more the big
fish time still with the hot weather, So for big Snook is is wat better after dark


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Day time is snapper time/ "dance wierdly Now"
Some Spanish, and A few flounder and Pomano, even a shark or two, as normal
night time is Snook time




Ponce de-Leon park-
.Punta Gorda canals
.Poachers Cut ....



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/24/14------- Croakers, yes these tasty little fish are
really coming back here, There are Snook and Some sheep head starting and he Snapper
fishing is still pretty good


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Snook and some Black drum
lots of tarpon,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Jacks and Snapper, the
 big Drum continue to hang out in the canals, and The Tarpon fishing is great



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Small Snapper, and larger black drum
not too bitg average about 24 inches, The good news si the Jacks are here quite often


Port charlotte Beach pier- .

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Lady fish, some red fish


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Black drum and Snapper fishing is your best
bet, one line out from the pier the other line under the pier


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14-------

 A few Reds and Snook at night, have not heard much as parks and rec are greedy buggers who are jumping over
dollars to get to dimes. I think an IQ test for the people running this is in order.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report---09/26/14------- Snapper and Sea Trout


Port charlotte Canals Salt/brackish

 Spillways along 41- .......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- The canals are good on Snook
and ther are some Snapper, there seem to be a bunch of 20 somehting inch Black drum


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Slower and slower but the Tarpon
out number the Snook while the Snook are moving they are still qquite catchable number
throw a 3 or 4 inch storm rigged shad


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- So much rain has brought the Snook
and Tarpon in thick. But the construction is a problem just getting some place t fish



Punta Rassa Sanibel Island..\

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- ??????


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Spanish and a few tarpon alnog
the beaches, and inside the fishing gets better, lotsof red fish and Snook, and in
the inter- coastal Spanish and surpirse the tarpon are here agin


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Big Snook and Red fish still
 under the docks and the Trout are showing up in the sand holes along the flats
just inside. Snook in the miserable mile slow zone


Fishin Frank & Robert's report----09/26/14------ Big snook under the bridge and
any dock near by. The Spanish and Pompano are starting to show up



Sharkey pier "Venice"
. ....
  & Venice Jetties- . ......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Vemice has lotsof nice S[anish
and Snook there should be a bunch of Pompano, be ready for whatever
it is that time of year for the Jetties to really get going fishin wise


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Still al  lot of Snapper and
Snook at the Jetties , No reports from the pier


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14-------Venice has lots of Snapper & Snook
the Spanish are hit or miss but when they hit it is on, and they are nice sizze



Turtle bay

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------the entrance still has big over slot red fish
and there is enough Over slot Snook to keep you happy. inside there are a few
Trout of the open Flat, Snook at the eagles cut


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Up inside there are some Trout
and red fish , but just out side or in the mouth there is monster reds and Big Snook
and this is not going to last too long so tkae advandtage now


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- The inside is getting better by the week
as The Trout are moving in to the open flats and just inside Gallergers there are monster Snook





 Walkin the Gulf beaches, from Sanibel
to Venice. Any where along the gulf shores.l

 17th street
 Stump Pass Park.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14------- Snook whiting and Pompano
all can be caught while strolling along the beaches, time for the Banan jigs {SILLY}
the Pompano are moving in more by the day


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Pompano and some flounder
still a lot of Snook, and whitng for dinner anit all bad



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Still a lot of Snook here,
And at first light huge Red fish, Bull Reds if you will, your best bet bait wise is Lady fish chunks
or Shrimp, Spoons or Bucktails best lures ofr these big fish


West wall.  
Blow down creek.
 Muddy Bay   
Oyster Creek.  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/17/14-------Slow !


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14------- Too fresh for any real staedy fishin
but this will change and there is always hope,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Slow wpould be my word for it
The fish Reds and Snook are scattered, hard to find and then only 1 or 2 fish in a spot
there is easier places to find fish. Sorry


Fishin Frank & Robert's report-----09/26/14----- Red fish on the northern half are getting thicker
look for a creek opening, Sea trout on the bar,



Fresh Water- Canals, Creeks,
Ponds, & lakes,

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/10/14-------


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--10/03/14------- Slow but the heat is on.
Talipa, Myan ciclie are hitting but the normal fish are really just hanging out in the heat
relaxing. If you are looking for Bass your best bet is going out at first light, yes be there
as dawns crack shows.


Audubon Park   .  Lake Betty     Ollie Pond     titty lake  turtle preserve   760 fishing spot  

9 mile ramp   Cecil Webb   hathaway park  .Myakka Park   Prairie Creek   Collingswood                         

Butterford ramp  S,G.C. Ramp  

Blue crabs, from a pier...



                   Fishin advice tips &
thoughts about the fishing conditions


   It would be hard to picture life without fishing.
 People who do not fish do not understand the
therapeutic value of fishing, losing yourself to
 the motion of the waves and just relaxing.
The best things about fishing is where you do it,
 and that you do not have to carry a score card.


In memory of Capt Angel 1975-2010


 In Memory of Captain Angel
Angel remains here with us,
 He was my friend, I miss him


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It would be hard to picture life without fishing.
 People who do not fish do not understand the
therapeutic value of fishing, losing yourself to
 the motion of the waves and just relaxing.
The best things about fishing is where you do it,
 and that you do not carry a score card.