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     Fishin Frank---&---      Robert's report--------- 
12/19/2014 for more up-dates more often Click Blog button
The reason not every place has a report, is that we did not have currant information about that spot.

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41 bridges - .....  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Lady fish, Trout,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Starting to pick up a few Whiting
and the Lady fish have really moved in, Whiting is great to the dinner table or
used as bait for other fish,



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Lady fish and Snook,

With a few Black drum, the drum are hanging out right by the pilings
mostly on the south bound side, North end, close to the Manatee Zone sign


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Snook, And a lot of Lady fish


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/01/14------- Black drum and Tarpon,
There is some very good Snook fishing early in the morning. TT18 mirro-o-lure




Alligator Creek-....... 
Poachers Cut

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Lots of Trout and Jacks
cool news is there are also Pompano hanging out in the channel heading to the Harbor


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Sheep[ head are dooing
pretty good but the tide is turning to Sea Trout, yes the creek is starting it's winter
fill up of Trout, poppin cork heaven, But I tend to like to find larger ones
by drifting a shrimp closer to the bottom


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Sheep head and Jacks
there is some Trout and Snapper as well, but the bite on them has been
slower this week, But should pick up with the sunshine




Alligator creek reef "concrete reef

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Sheep head , Mangrove Snapper and bonnet
head Shark.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Sheep head is about the extant
of what we have heard, the wind has kept people from anchoring there too much
but the sheep head have been doing well south end has been the better one


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------???????



Bay shore piers- . ..............

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- ?????? Should be a lot of Trout


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Trout,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Some Snook,
But the Trout fishin is getting better and better, Poppin corks with Shrimp



 Jug Creek Shoals

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Big Trout and Some nice Pompano
and the big Red fish are right out in the open, you are looking for 4 to 6 feet of water
these are 30 to 40 inch Reds, nice fish


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Lot of nice big Trout here
and there are some Pompano near the the bars


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------A mixed bag of different fish
Out side the bar the Big Snook are hanging out, the access to deep water
and the Sand bar make this a great Big fish place,
Back on the flats inside The Trout are increaseing in numbers, maybe not
in size



Bull bay- and Turtle bay

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Quite  few Trout and lotsof Red fish
not all or even mostly keepers but you will stay busy catching reds here,
The Pompano are just on the out side pof the bays, look just before going in


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Lot sof rat Reds from under the bushes
to the open on the sand bars, The trout are heavy in the open flats,
There are keeper reds but the seem to be farther back.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Trout out in the open,
and along the back end the Red fish have taking a liking to the Mangroves
they are just out past the drip edge,




Cape haze reef, -. ......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14-------Sheep head and Snapper
there is quite a few Sharks here even in the cold water


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Sheep head and Snappers
closer to the gulf the Snapper are still here, Squid seems to be the bait for them



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Sheep head and a few Leagal
Gag grouper, worth a shot, and a keeper, You have a couple more days.
Squid or sardine as bait of course but they do like a larger shrimp.
THe reef is shallow enough to put a shrimp with a #2 Slit shot and it make the shrimp
slower to the bottom, and allows the fish to get a better view as it sinks,


Cape Haze  bar-  .....

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Small Trout and a few big ones
the is Bonnet Sharks and Pompano to keep you busy here.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Pompano and big Bonnet sharks
One guy is bragging he caught the worlds smallest Flounder here about 3 inches long
So maybe it's big cousins are here as well


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Trout are doing well here
and the Pompano are a more steady bite, The bonnet Sharks have really started biting
with this cool/cold weather.




 Deep holes in Charlotte Harbor- .......
Tarpon Maps click here

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Silver Trout and a few Gags
which are out of season, Some Small sharks,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Windy a little too much
for comfotable fishing So no reports


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------????? windy



East Side "keys"  the Islands which run from Alligator Creek to Pirate Harbor
Cormorant key    One of the islands "keys" on the east side.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- The Trout are bigger out side the
bar, and the inside there is smaller Trout but more of them, and the Rat reds are outside
in big numbers, Inside the bar the Reds keeper size are scattered from the trees
to the bar,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Lots of Scattered Trout
the bigger ones are out side the bar 4 feet of water use a TT-18 let it sink for a 3 count
and slow twitch it back in


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Lots of Trout out on the ooen
flats, the red fish fishin is better out by the sand bar just inside in the trough
they are laid up in the grass, wiating for the sun to warm up the grass, Shrimp or
pin fish is your best bait, the pin fish hooked through the back on a jig head
Rock port Pink or white, the fish moving makes the rattle in the head Well rattle


Englewood pier "Tom Adams bridge

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Pretty decent Trout and Pompano
whiting and lady fish round out the catching here, try floats and sinkers you never know
how or where they will be biting so mix it up


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------  Trout and Whintg as well as
Sheep head, The Sharks are u here in the inter coastal
as well sort of weird but true


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------The Sheep head are doing
better & better, Sea Trout are also there as the sun shine the Trout bite,
Poppin corks or top water on these cloudy days make it even better fun


Gilchrist pier-  .........

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14-------Jacks near the sea wall
and whiting out off the end


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Jacks and Lady fish, Jack close to the wall
ladt fish cast way out from the end


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Snook are hanging out along the sea wall
cast along the wall with a 16 bomber, red/ white reel slowly, a broken back is better
than the straight lure right now, you can reel slower and get lots of action from the plug




South Gulf cove canals- ........
Butterford Ramp
South Gulf Cove park

Locks S.G.C.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Bass are really hitting back in the
back canals, and the Closer you get to the locks, the snook and Trout are htiing


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Bass in the way back
but there is a lot of Tarpon wintering here in the canals, They could be out
by the locks or all the way in the back laying up next to the Bass,
Big Snook are wintering here as well, a good year to fish the canals
wind not being a factor, try trolling until you get a hit then stop and cast


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Bass and blue gills are biting like crazy
cool thing is the Snook are hanging out with the Bass, same lures, but a good idea
to have a leader 30 pound floro, make the bass bite a little slower but when you hook
up a 30" + Snook you get to land it.



Gulf of Mexico bottom fishin & trolling -.

Reefs & Wrecks

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Grunts , snappers, Sheep head
from 3 to 12 miles out is just Wow fishing right now. the closer reefs have some flounder
just away from the reef.
Now there are Kings, reports of Huge Kings 50 + inches, and a couple of Big Eye Tuna
and Black fin tuna,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Hog fish, and Snappers,
Sheep head and Porgies , grunts on the near shoe reefs, there are a lot of Gags as well
but they are out of season, The Bonita are thick as thives but spooky hard to get
close enough to cast at them, same for the Spanish Macerel


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Been windy not much heard from
the gulf





Harbor Heights park- . ..

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Reds fish rats mostly
and some sliver and spotted Trout


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Whiting and lots of Rat reds


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Snook and some rat reds
The Silver ans spotted Trout have just started moving in, mostly Smaller Trout
but fun with light tackle



Hobbs point-  ......Pirate Harbor- .

Brunt store          Two Pines 

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Potae Harbor is loaded with Trout
and ther are keeper Reds back behind Hobbs. Down at tow pines the Pompano
are just out side the bar, and lotsof Snook back in the islands,
Some Trout on the flats, and the brunt store cut and inside are lots of Trout


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Scatter Red fish and Trout
Just outside the Bar the fish are bigger but not as many|

fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Hearing stories of Big Snok
and some nice reds on the back side, The Snapper bite on the point is still good



I-75 bridges "boat only"  ...... 

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Some Trout mixed types
but fun to catch and a bit pf whiting in the holes


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Some Snok Lady fish and
the odd ball Black drum


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------BLack drum & Snook
The Silver Trout and Spotted Sea Trout are both up-here but not in great numbers yet
But that will change in the next week




Laishley Pier -

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Sliver and Spotted Trout
with some lady fish,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Lady fish and Trout Poppin Corks
but as deep as you can cast, they seem to be lower in the water


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Trout fishing during the day is
pretty good I go a bit deep with a shrimp under a poppin cork about 4 feet from the
hook to the float, hard to cast but better catch ratio

 The Snook fishing at night is good right now, walk a shrimp or drag a lure both have been
producing some keeper Slot snook right under the pier



 Lemon Bay ...

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Trout out on the ends of the long docks
the Red fish are under the docks a little closer to shore. Pompano in the pass and ski alley


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Lots of Trout, just about evey where
you find 3 feet of water and they are from tiny to huge, Top water lures Are the best
thing when drifting the flats


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Blue fish take over has begun
The is a lot of Trout and Sheep head, but for that north east experince head just
 out side Stump pass and troll "well anything with a lip" lure wise and these snapper
blues { small Blue fish} will hit like crazy lotsof fun with kids on the boat


Matlacha  .--------  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Sheep head around the bridge
are thick and good sizee this year


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Rat reds, and Trout, ther are still
a lot of Snookk under the bridges, but the Trout have really moved in between
the pilings


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Sheep head and even with the cold
lotsof cat fish to play with, big snook after dark on the pilings of the bridge and
ay dick near by



 Myakka River ...

El-Jo bean pier- .....

Myakka cutoff- ......

Cattle dock
Locks S.G.C.

Tippy Canoe bay
 14 foot hole

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- A few Reds around hogf island
and as you get closer to EL-Jo the Sea Trout are thicker, Tippy has quite a few
and the main river has the larger ones.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Teh Red fish are thick back in the
cut-off, and The rout are moving into the River as well as Tippy
Sheep head doing a little better at El-jo, lot of big out of season Snook


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- The cut -off has a lot of red fish
and the Trout are holding near the south mouth,
El-jo at night is the best place for Big Snook, right now, and thee is bigger Trout
after dark, So after dark bigger fish but cold, burrr but hey it is your last shot at that |
a keeper for a while



 Passes -Punta rassa, Red fish, Captiva,
Boca Grande & Little Gasprilla, stump

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- The pompnao and SHeep head
are the fish in the passes but Boca has some leagal Red Grouper, Yes they are open in state
waters, {with in 9 miles of the coast. rare that they are in the passes, but the cooler water
has the Red Grouper right in the passes


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Sheep head, and Sharks are in all of the passes
pick the ccloser to you, the other catch is Blue fish, and Spanish mackerel


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- No reports





Peace river above I-75

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Tarpon and some Red ifsh
the power lines are the best bet just north of Harbor Heights.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Rat reds around the islands
and a few keepers . Trolling for Snook is still a good bet, Whitn showing up
around Harbor heights and the power lines,
Some Lady fish under the power lines


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Rat reds are all over the place
Look to any Mangrove shore with a deeper trough in front of it,

And the Snook fishing under the docks,{ need 4 feet or more of water} the Snook are
thick under them and willing to eat, early or late in the day is way better



Pine Island sound ----

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Lots of Trout big Sea Trout
and Permit and Pompano are all over the flats


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Lots and lots of Trout
and quite a few Pompano, the sharks Balck tip type and Bonnet. There are
red fish under the bushes, or in the cuts right in front of the islands


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Blue fish / Red fish & Spotted fish
yes Jug creek seems to be a good place right now, or it could be that it is protected from
the wind by the sand bars and is a place where the Captains can fish So we are just getting
more reports



Placida pier //  "trestle"  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Lot sof sheep head,
Nice Trout lots of keeper and the are some Torut, but it is Sheep head time
fish striaght down next to the pilings and you will get your Sheepy feast


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Realyy nice size sheep head
Right unde the peir, and just out fromn the pier the Trout are holding I think they

stay a ways away from the pier because there is so many big Snook under the pier
they would be lunch if they get too close.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Sheep head is the big story here right
now getting better & better, it seems like shrimp is the bait right now
but they will switch to Fiddlers and minute or day day.
The Torut and Blue fish are slow here but on the way to good, The Snook after dark
is really very good right now, the suspending 15 bombers are the lure of choice
or try a power bait swim shad but with both of them you need to be close to the
pilings for the slot Snook.




Ponce de-Leon park-
.Punta Gorda canals
.Poachers Cut ....

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Sheep head and some snapper
but the dredgeing has slowed down the fishing


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Ponce park has some good shepp head
and ther are some Black drum here, the Trout are not steady but use the Ponce intel
to get back into the canals , so nothing then slam time


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Lotsof sheep head and some
Mnagrove snapper, the Snook bite is good, and there are still some larger Black drum.
Ponce ahs some Sheep head and Sea Trout, worth a shot, but hit or miss.
as the fish move in or out of the Canal systems


Port charlotte Beach pier- .

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Trout and some lady fish
the time for keeper Trout here is day break, as the sun comes up the Trout
start to feed, Poppin corks and shrimp or Storm twitch sticks


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Trout early in the day,
Mid day there is some LAdy fish


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- no reports


Port charlotte Canals Salt/brackish

 Spillways along 41- .......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14-------??????


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Trapon and some Snook but
ther is not a lot of them, but if you are bored and just want to toss a lure, what the heck


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- The Snook bite is still going on
Storm or bearkly Swim bait brown colors seem to be the best right now
If you can find falling water the Snook are about ten feet out from the falling
water. Heddon torpedos Number 1 top water lure for Snook here in the canals



Punta Rassa Sanibel Island..\

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Lot of nice keeper slot Trout
with a bit of Red fishing as well, flounder fisherman this is your best bet,



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14-------Still a lot of Big Trout and Gaga grouper
have moved into the flats, and in the land of the weird a real Black Grouper was
caught on the flats under the Mangrove while a caprtain was trying for Red fish,
And yes we saw the pictures it was not a GAG


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Trout are thick right now
lotsof fun mixed between small to just under size, but there are slot fish just go a little deeper
try an old tt18 mirro o lure cast it out count to 5 before you start to reel it falls about 1 foot
a second in salt water that will give you the dept you need for the larger Slot size Trout



Sharkey pier "Venice"
. ....
  & Venice Jetties- . ......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Venice are loaded with sheep head
and pompano, fishin is quite good here right now


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Jetties are loaded up with Sheep head

some Pompano and the Snapper fishing is still good


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Veince Jeetties-Blue fish and Sheep
 head are the big news, and the Mangrove Snapper bite is still good, the snook are hit or miss
but better close to dark.



 Walkin the Gulf beaches, from Sanibel
to Venice. Any where along the gulf shores.l

 17th street
 Stump Pass Park.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Pompano and Sheep head
whiting but Pompano are the big thing, pieces of shrimp under a flaot
or banan jigs{Crazy/silly} are the best lures cast out reel in moderate spped
with a slight jiggin to the tip of your rod tip


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Pompano are scatered all
along the shore ines, The better bet is bottom fishing for Flounder and Whting
and there are Bonnet Sharks feeding all along the coast as well


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------whitng and Sheep head in pockets
all along the coast, and the Flounder are along the beach as well, To catch flounder
put a small strip of fish bites and the back of a banana jig and work it slowly
across the bottom, hop it by sharply lifting your rod tip every few feet.



West wall.  
Blow down creek.
 Muddy Bay   
Oyster Creek.  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14------- Lotas o ftorout out side the bar
look 3 feet of water, Pompano are near the cape haze end ,

Lots of reds a few keepers ton of Rats in the creeks


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/05/14------- Red Fish right under the bushes
and there is Big Sea Trout at the south end right off the bar.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14------- Lotsof Snook scattered around
up and down the wall, Snook here and the Red fish there, so just start slowing
moving up or down the wall, if you hit a Snook it is more than likley a solo fish
but if it is a Red Fish stay and fish the spot, as there shold be sevearl more right there


Fresh Water- Canals, Creeks,
Ponds, & lakes,

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--12/19/14-------


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/28/14-------Lots of 2 to 4 pound Bass
South Gulf cove and rotonda are both well same area but the fishing is very good
Crappie fishing is off the a great season so far, not huge numbers but big slab fish
there is a bunch of crappie but just seem to be way bigger this year than the last few years
minnow and jigs, pick your old favorite bait or lure it is going to work
< The Port charlotte cnalas and pond are picking up as the water temps fall off
and this is the time, dont think the warm sunshine is going to change anyhting the
night are still cool enough to keep the water temp in the 60"s and that is Fla. prime
temps for Crappie


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--11/21/14------- Bass really truning on,
in the PC canals or pnds, Shinner number one bait,
Crappie fishing from here to the big O are just biting like crazy minnows
od course the bait of chioce, but bright green beetle spins spins working well
Smaller in line Spinners are the 2nd best bright colors



Audubon Park   .  Lake Betty     Ollie Pond     titty lake  turtle preserve   760 fishing spot  

9 mile ramp   Cecil Webb   hathaway park  .Myakka Park   Prairie Creek   Collingswood                         

Butterford ramp  S,G.C. Ramp  

Blue crabs, from a pier...



                   Fishin advice tips &
thoughts about the fishing conditions


   It would be hard to picture life without fishing.
 People who do not fish do not understand the
therapeutic value of fishing, losing yourself to
 the motion of the waves and just relaxing.
The best things about fishing is where you do it,
 and that you do not have to carry a score card.


In memory of Capt Angel 1975-2010


 In Memory of Captain Angel
Angel remains here with us,
 He was my friend, I miss him


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let me know by E-mail


        Fishin Frank-----                 Robert's report----------     



It would be hard to picture life without fishing.
 People who do not fish do not understand the
therapeutic value of fishing, losing yourself to
 the motion of the waves and just relaxing.
The best things about fishing is where you do it,
 and that you do not carry a score card.