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The reason not every place has a report, is that we did not have currant information about that spot.

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41 bridges - .....  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Whiting, Some Silver Trout
Silver Trout have no size limit but please if you are keeping them to eat
make sure they are big enough to eat, Black drum some monsters
and Tarpon almost every morning


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----- Tarpon lots of them O-dark-30
as they say night time is the right time. Rat-L-traps 3/4 once Red
DOA bait-buster chartreuse or root beer.
Troll or cast them, Lots of snook here at the bumpers same lures all good.





Alligator Creek-....... 
Poachers Cut

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Mouth of the creek has some nice
jacks and Snook look for big Snook at the old marina


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----- Surprise a few Trout,
and some Reds near the mouth.
Here it would be shrimp w/ a 32 split shot or a DOA cal-shad bouncing
it off the bottom



Alligator creek reef "concrete reef

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Still some spade fish
and the gag grouper keeper size one there, Sardine are the best bait
but you will have to chum to get them away from the reef
Sharks and a few Cobia stll doing pretty good here. And while not
as many the snapper are still enough to get a good dinner.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14-----Gag grouper, Jew fish,
Spade fish, Cobia  & some Sharks just for mouth.
Any bait fish you can catch, thread- fin or green backs.
IF you want frozen try sardines or cut lady fish




Bay shore piers- . ..............

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Quiet no reports


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14-----Red fish near the shore,
and Some Cobia off the end



 Jug Creek Shoals

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Biat fish green backs, Trout
los of small sharks and some big red fish,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14-----Lots of bait, and Fish wise
there are Spanish, Grouper, Sharks,





Boca pass                 Tarpon Maps click here

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Lotsof Snook and
monster Reds at night, Day time is the time for Mangrove Snapper the
Cayo side has larger snapper maybe the Jew fish on the north side
keep the Snapper to the south


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Lots of snapper really fish the
30 foot they are thick, The tarpon seem to be moving in or out,
but going through they are using the sides of the pass more then the middle
Just out on the shipping lane the Cobia and steady here, Spanish mackerel
have found food or something they like.


Bull bay-  
Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Tyhe whole out side of the bay
has Snook & Red fish around the bay, much more so than inside of the bay
so try the out side of toward devil fish for some great open water action
You can use lighter tackle then you could inside and land some monster fish



Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14-----Red fish, And some Trout
left here, but they are not many Trout and seem to be hanigng out in the middle
of the bay




Cape haze reef, -. ......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Lots of Snapper and
some Sharks and mot bad place to way lay a Cobia


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14-----Cool thing more gag grouper




Cape Haze  bar-  .....

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------With all the fresh water coing
down river, it has slowed a little but there have been more
reports of Pompano and Sharks here. the Snook are on the side towards the gulf
close to Turtle bay


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Sharks lotsof them
and Pompano, Snook huge ones are just on the bar out in front of the bay
at the far end of the bar the spade fish are thick


 Deep holes in Charlotte Harbor- .......
Tarpon Maps click here

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- All the cat fish in the world are
here keep you entertained while looking for Tarpon, The sharks are still here
some larger ones, a couple of 9 foot nurse sharks are providing entertainment
for several angler


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14-----Lots of cat fish & sharks
some Tarpon,





East Side "keys"  the Islands which run from Alligator Creek to Pirate Harbor
Cormorant key    One of the islands "keys" on the east side.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Snook are moving to the out side of the bushes
and there are a lot of sharks on the top of the bar, the further south you go the more
re fish are hanging out on top of the bar. The reds are also up under the mangrove the further south
you get closer to Pirate Harbor


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Sharks on the out side edge of the bar in about
6 feet of water. Snok & Reds are scattered along the wall, and the reds are moving south.
 while seem to here hanging in around the islands, and possibly moving up "north" into the


Englewood pier "Tom Adams bridge

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Just good Snook fshing

at night but that is enough


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----Lots of snook & lady fish at night
snappers and Red fish better during the daylight hours





Gilchrist pier-  .........

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------????


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----??????



South Gulf cove canals- ........
Butterford Ramp
South Gulf Cove park

Locks S.G.C.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------??????


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Have not heard of much except at the lock
the tarpon are here probably trying to get out, try Rat_l-traps and top water lures for them




Gulf of Mexico bottom fishin & trolling -.

Reefs & Wrecks

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Starting close at the reefs within 15 miles
you will find good Snapper fising and watch for Permit, they seem to be very close in right
now free line Sharmp or small crabs for the fight of your life on light tackle.
12 to 25 miles out the gag grouper are there keepers and lots of smaller one
but you should get your limit. Bonita and Black fin tune out 15 to 25 miles out
Small spoon and storm Swim baits 3 inch are kickkin butt on them


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Crazy I am crazy for not going
Gag grouper is open and you only need 30 feet of water, so try the close ones first
as the season gets farther along you moght have to travel farther, so why not enjoy
the close grouper fishing now. Plenty of grunts , snappers, and all kinds of
fish near the shore 3 to 15 miles out, if you get past 35 you find Black fin tune
, mahi mahi, Sail fish, Bonita are thickk alomsot from the pass out.
Permits on many of the wrecks,





 Walkin the Gulf beaches
 17th street

 Stump Pass Park.

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Lots of Snok right against the shorline
casting out could get you a Pompano or Permit and a good chance at huge lady fish
But with so many giant Snook right there, WHY?


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Snook , Snook, and more Snook
Jacks are wroking along the beaches, the hardest fighting fish there is,
Yellow with a blunt head, means it is a Jack not a popmano




Harbor Heights park- . ..

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- ?????


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----Tarpon & lots of gar,
still sharks up there.




Hobbs point-  ......Pirate Harbor- .

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Lot sof baby Taron
small Berkly swim baits, For dinner I would try under the docks for the
mangrove Snappers


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Nagrove snapper, Snook
and smaller Tarpon 5 to 30 pounderrs



I-75 bridges "boat only"  ...... 

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Black drum, Tarpoon
from 5 to 90 pounds Rat-L-trapon 3/4 once or DOA bait busters.
This is a early thing day break until 9:30 each day you have to wait it out
They will eat but when during that time is the key, cast and slow staedy retrives


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----Tarpon and Snook,
niether are big but they are fun, Black drum have moved back up near the bridges





Laishley Pier -

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Snook at night, Jacks and
Gar during the day

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Sharks , and some Trout
lotsof gar coming down here to hang out with the river flowing strong right now
and keep an eye out for Cobia




 Lemon Bay ...

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------snook & Pompano
There has been some moneters Shraks and Tarpon in stump pass
all around not bad at all the reds are holding n the flats find a place with
with a bumpy bottom "pot holes" and there are Reds


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----Red ifsh in the pot holes, &
lots of snook under the docks. Tarpon going through here keep an eye out
they are not as spooky here as along the beach




Matlacha  .--------  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------
Snook under the bridge, Tarpon up to the north and the red fish are at the bridges
eitherr end close to the sea wall seems to be the better red fish fishing


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----Snook And aTarpon around the bridges
and red fish just to the north or south, inadin fields doing great



 Myakka River ...

El-Jo bean pier- .....

Myakka cutoff- ......

Cattle dock
Locks S.G.C.

Tippy Canoe bay
 14 foot hole

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------el jo is getting better during the day
Sharks , Snapper, Black drum the is one of the better day time spots right now.
Once it gets dark there is Trout some anyway, some Sharks and Tarpon Snook
Some red fish on the hog island side and a few Trout along the shore on the western side
at the mouth in or near the 14 ' hole Cobia are still biting


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- The El jo pier at night is still going strong
on Mangrove Snappers, Snook and tarpon can be caught at night in steady numbers



 Passes -Punta rassa, Red fish, Captiva,
Boca Grande & Little Gasprilla

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Captiva is the place to be Gag grouper
have been steady here keeper size, Mangrove Snappers are thick also.
Tarpon and Snook both are hitting here,


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----All the passes have lots of snappers
Snook and llarger Reds are hanging out here as well. Tarpon are common in all the
passes but they seem to be passing through not staying so much right now,
Can you say AMBUSH time





Peace river above I-75

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Gar big Gar, and qite a few Tarpon
more crabs traps than anywhere on the planet this is almost sinful rediculus amounts
be careful and carry wire cutters, pliers and a good knife, there is a better tahn
even chance of getting your prop tangled in a trap or the line from a trap


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Gar, and Tarpon, they are
moving up and down the river, watch and if you have a good spot they are
or will be there some time during the day.






Pine Island sound ----

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Striaght in from Captiva in the holes and flats
the Reds and Snook are thick, the ICW has Sharks, the pot holes have some big Lemon
and or Bull sharks in them


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Reds and the Snook are thick around Patrico
Tarpon and Sharks along the ICW are hanging out in any place with 3 feet of water




Placida pier //  "trestle"  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Mangrove Snapper day time or night time
Bonnet Sharks and Spade fish, with a bunch of snappers. the night time the
big Snook and Huge Reds move in, Great spot for big fish C&R at night


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Day time is Shark time
lots of Mangrove Snapper and some spanish mackerel, oh and by the way
there is white bait here




Ponce de-Leon park-
.Punta Gorda canals
.Poachers Cut ....


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Bacl inside the PGi canals the
Snook and Snapper fishing is great, Colony has a bunch of big Jacks


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Lots of Snook and tarpon back in the canals
Ponce is not doing great right now, don't know what's up with that




Port charlotte Beach pier- .

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Snapper half way out on the pier
and Some big Snook at the boat ramp dusk to dark


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Night time is the time here
for Reds and Snook, they are moving in under the pier, some nice fish at the ramp
as well





Port charlotte Canals Salt/brackish

 Spillways along 41- .......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Want your Tarpon and no boat
well you still have a good chance, Small white Storm or Berkley swim baits
lighter colors


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14----Lots of Snook and Tarpon
after it rains head to the spillways, use some thing small & white
that kinds of fits dont it.
If you are tring to get a Tarpon it wont be big but it will be a Tarpon



Punta Rassa Sanibel Island..\

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- ??????


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Lots of Snook under the docks
do not be surprised when you get a over size red and the next cast.
Some Tarpon along the beaches




Sharkey pier "Venice"
. ....
  & Venice Jetties- . ......

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------Te jetties are still doing incrediable for
Snook and Snappers. right along the rocks


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- The jetties are great for Snook
Snapper. if you have not tried the jetty now would be the time, you will
really catch fish.




Turtle bay

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- Every thing is out front
not much in the very back of the bay.


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Have not really heard much
should be and could be lots of fish, just no reporst





West wall.  
Blow down creek.
 Muddy Bay   
Oyster Creek.  

Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14------- The lower half is better on the in-coming tide
the red fish and some Snook are up under the mangroves, any deeper place is loaded


Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/01/14---- Inside the bar the reds up under the mangoves
lots of them from the tower south, north of the towers there seems to be more Snook

Out side the bar, sharks, Tarpon and Cobia. three are some schools of bait out side the bar
which is bringing bigger amounts of fish here.


Fresh Water- Canals, Creeks,
Ponds, & lakes,

 Fishin Frank & Robert's report--07/11/14-------The bass are hitting well any where
you can find moving water, early o-dark-30 until about 9:am frogs cast on top of
the weeds worked reealy slow 5 pound + bass this is slow fish with a prupose
dont get in a hurry and you will find that trophy Bass




Blue gill doing well beetle spins
or best bet is wigglers on a #8 hook under a float about 3 feet



Audubon Park   .  Lake Betty     Ollie Pond     titty lake  turtle preserve   760 fishing spot  

9 mile ramp   Cecil Webb   hathaway park  .Myakka Park   Prairie Creek   Collingswood                         

Butterford ramp  S,G.C. Ramp  

Robert's report----12/06/13----- The bass are turned on in the North port canals
Crappie are still scatters but getting better by the front.
Best bet for Large mouth live is shiners,  for lures / plastics, watermelon or green color for the bass



Blue crabs, from a pier...



                   Fishin advice tips &
thoughts about the fishing conditions


   It would be hard to picture life without fishing.
 People who do not fish do not understand the
therapeutic value of fishing, losing yourself to
 the motion of the waves and just relaxing.
The best things about fishing is where you do it,
 and that you do not have to carry a score card.


In memory of Capt Angel 1975-2010


 In Memory of Captain Angel
Angel remains here with us,
 He was my friend, I miss him


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It would be hard to picture life without fishing.
 People who do not fish do not understand the
therapeutic value of fishing, losing yourself to
 the motion of the waves and just relaxing.
The best things about fishing is where you do it,
 and that you do not carry a score card.