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       NEW thing Tuesday & Wednesday nights
              Both nights are reserved seating.

                       CALL (941) 625-3888
Reserved seating allows you to call and see if seats, are available before you drive to Luigi's.
Next meeting dates --- 2nd Tuesday or Wednesday
                         call for seating
                        I am thinking of a topic

          I hope it will be cool and interesting, and relevant to what's going on now      
                                           wish me luck on being inspired

                                 call and reserve your seats. 

               Fishing Club meets at Luigi's Italian Restaurant.         
                  hosted by Fishin Frank, Robert & Capt. Cayle
                 these are FREE meetings, and reserved seating.

             The Fishing Club will continue to have meetings on the 2nd Tuesday & Wednesday of every month
                         you are able to reserve seats for the Tuesday & Wednesday nights
          Both Tuesday & Wednesday will have the same topic this is just to make room for everybody.

                                          Meetings start at 6:30pm & end by 8:pm 
                                 Look forward to seeing you at Luigi's, Fishin Frank

                come on to Luigi's eat, drink, & Fishing what more could ya want

 call 941-625-3888 to reserve seats now
   The wife calls it dinner & a show, You don't have to eat, but why not, relax & enjoy
                    Oh yeah if you order food or drink, you pay, I am an Ok guy, but not that nice, or rich.
             The room will hold 50 people, family style seating. There are no dues or fees,
        open to anyone who like to fish from the beginner to the pro, Man, Woman, or Child
                       Please remember this is a FREE Fishing Class/Club. So come with a good attitude, enjoy some food, Drink, and Fishin

   The Fishing Club was created to help local fishermen learn. Understanding the waters and the fish here as well as how to fish.
              Because of the wide range & differences in habitat, fishing in our area can be a challenge even to veteran fisherman.
     From basic to advanced fishing principals, Salt water- back country, near shore and offshore fishing. & Fresh-water seminars.
           Kids 10 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult and proper behavior is required. By adults & kids alike !!!!
                 Just a reminder this meeting is rated PG while we try to follow the 4 foot rule we could make an opps!.